Hi, I am Elizabeth and I am a mother of three.

Welcome to my blog Manic Pixie Dream Mama! Where I blog about raising a kind, healthy, emotional, strong but intelligent child.

I also believe that babywearing is a wonderful parenting tool that helps to bond with children from an early age.

That is why on Manic Pixie Dream Mama you will find a mix of valuable and informative articles on child-raising, conscious parenting and baby carriers.

You get to know about all the aspects, reviews, DIY tutorials, guides and tips on babywearing and different wearing styles commonly practiced. This includes wearings suitable for seasons – hot/cold weather, wearings suited during pregnancy, carrying newborn and twin.

The blog promotes comfortable, safe and accessible baby wearings for caring parents (single or couple) who want to use a sling or carrier.

Manic Pixie Dream Mama also has in-depth information on baby carrier accessories like 

  • Drool Pads
  • Infant Inserts
  • Weather Covers
  • Detachable Pouches

As parents, our task is to provide a healthy environment and nurture our babies to give them strong roots so that they will thrive and flourish.